Monday, 26 January 2009


Wow, there's so many people out their that have blogs. I went to work today and told everyone about my blog and made them look at it too. Just got home not long ago and came home to find lots of posts on my blog and my first ever hot topic message on the DC forum lol. Surprisingly it was about blogs...

I'm going to work my way through everyones blogs eventually and I thank everyone who left comments, became follwers and took the time to have a look at my blog. As a blogging newbie, I'm two days old, I wasn't really sure what to write or add to my blog but it seems that my first card went down well!

I'm heading off to check the DC forum before bed! I have a driving lesson tomorrow at 9am. I don't know why I keep booking them so early.. Guess I can go back to sleep after though.. Oh how lazy am I ???

Night (technically good morning) everyone!

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