Monday, 26 January 2009

Productive Evening

I feel I've had quite a productive evening as I made another two cards. I used my new cardstock and papers which I bought today (i did say I was going to treat myself) The cardstock is this new coredinations... you can sand it which is pretty cool and if you rip it you don't get a white bit you get whatever colour the paper is.. eg blue! I'm making it sound complicated however if anyone bought the DC Creativity magazine there was a free sample on the back!

Anyway, I enjoyed making these cards as I feel my cards are always pretty boring.. so it was nice to buy some new stuff and have a go at sanding paper! The paper is from the Laura Ashley Contemporary collection and there's some pretty papers in there!
Hope you all like the cards! Any comments welcome :)


  1. Pretty card!
    Your blog's looking good too!
    Helen x

  2. Great cards love the aged look on them, I too have this card/paper must get some used,

    Christine xx

  3. Hi there back again just to tell you , youve been tagged if you wander over to my blog & see what I mean... have fun

    hugs Christine xx

  4. These are pretty! I love the buttons on the first one. Kirsten.